About us

Our story

Today, NOSTRA is one of the largest importers and suppliers of textile products in the Baltic States. Our name is known to many, and the products are highly valued by buyers as well as representatives of hospitality, tourism, nursing and other businesses. We have come a long way in our quest for success and leadership:

  • In 1991, NOSTRA started its activities in the wholesale production of home textiles and fabrics;
  • In 2009, NOSTRA took its first steps in retail and introduced its range to the market;
  • The NOSTRA online shop was launched in 2012 and it continues to delight shoppers today with numerous updates and improvements;
  • In 2013, the NOSTRA design studio was founded, with the aim of individually shaping the company's range of textile products;
  • In 2018, NOSTRA's online shop successfully gained momentum and the company entered the market in neighbouring Latvia;
  • In 2020, NOSTRA streamlined its operations and moved its trading to the virtual space;
  • In 2021, NOSTRA successfully entered the Estonian market.

We are pleased to have gained a lot of experience over the years and to have built a team of reliable professionals. Successful operations and continued growth are a sign that we are on the right track. And NOSTRA certainly doesn't promise to stop! Our immediate plans include a move into the Polish retail market, which is planned for 2022.

What do we do?

Today, NOSTRA products travel all over the world – we have a large network of partners and many admirers of our products in various countries. In the neighbouring east, NOSTRA supplies Ukrainian traders, and in Western Europe, we trade with Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and other countries, as well as Scandinavia – the Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian markets. We export goods to distant waters, with more than 30 European and Asian suppliers and manufacturers currently filling our warehouses. One of NOSTRA's newest wholesale destinations is Japan.

We are delighted to have become a universal company that handles a variety of tasks on a daily basis:

  • we sell – NOSTRA's online store is very popular not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia, and is now also available to buyers from Estonia (and soon will be available in the Polish market as well);
  • we import goods from various countries in order to offer our buyers and wholesale customers a wide range of quality textiles;
  • we export goods to many different countries and have an extensive network of partners, the latest being Japan, the country of the rising sun;
  • we supply textiles to hospitality, tourism, nursing, healthcare, and spa businesses, amongst others.


Why choose us?

NOSTRA is a choice that never disappoints. We have assembled a team of professionals who work every day to help you take care of your bed linen and home textile needs easily and quickly. We carefully curate our assortment, look for the best solutions, and explore even the farthest corners of the world to make sure that the NOSTRA online store delivers products that meet your needs.

We invest heavily in improvement and continuous development, and the facts confirm that we are on the right track. NOSTRA online store – the best place to buy bedding and home textiles:

  • quality – NOSTRA's range is carefully curated, with each product thoughtfully selected, and the quality is evidenced by the fact that our textiles are used by a wide range of accommodations and other businesses;
  • experience – NOSTRA has been in business for thirty years and has accumulated a wealth of experience, which allows us to continuously improve the customer experience when shopping in our store;
  • range – our team puts a lot of effort into finding only the best – real diamonds, no matter where in the world they are;
  • convenience – we are constantly investing in the development of the online store to provide our customers with a fast, convenient and enjoyable shopping experience;
  • value for money – we understand that price is important, but we never compromise on quality and we always look for the best solution, so you can trust our products.

Do you work in hospitality, medicine, spa or any other field? NOSTRA will help you take care of all the necessary textiles. We are worth working with:

  • as a leader in the field in the Baltics, we are able to offer a wide range of products, excellent delivery times and favourable conditions for cooperation;
  • we have a reliable network of international partners to ensure uninterrupted and seamless supply and avoid losses;
  • We offer ''Oeko-Tex standard 100'' labelled products that are sustainable and safe, and have been certified by an independent textile testing system.

Want to collaborate? Contact us and we will provide the best offer for your business!