Towels 530H LUX

Towels 530H LUX

4.8 (155 reviews)
Composition: 100% combed cotton
Towel grammar: 530 g/m2
Country of origin: Pakistan
Attention!: Product colours might differ slightly in pictures and reality.
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8,53 €
12,19 €

Price may vary by colour or size

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Towels 530H LUX

You can find towels in every bathroom. We use them after a bathing in a shower or a bath, after sauna, pool or water park and so on. Moist skin becomes even more sensitive than usual - that's why high-quality, soft and gentle towels will focus on your skin and maximum comfort.

What towels are best? Of course made using natural fiber. Cotton is one of the most popular choice due to its many qualities. First of all it is very friendly to the skin, breathable, so the skin will freely breathe - even if you stay in a cotton towel for a longer time you still will feel very comfortable. Cotton is extremely soft, pleasant to touch, it does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin, so it is not surprising that this fiber is preferred by owners of sensitive, allergic skin. Due to their softness and gentleness, cotton textile products are very suitable for children - even for the smallest ones. Also cotton towels have the quality of perfectly drying the skin, absorbing even the slightest drops of water, so you only need to gently touch the skin with it, there is no need to rub and thus increase sensitivity.

These 530g/m2 cotton towels are thick, fluffy and indescribably soft, giving the most amazing touches. They are very often chosen for hotels because they impress with both characteristics and aesthetics, luxurious and solid appearance, which is very important for hotels. The towels used there have to withstand even more washing, drying and ironing cycles than those used in home baths, but these natural cotton towels will easily exceed such expectations.

Another significant advantage which makes cotton towels very popular both in hotels and at home is that they are very easy to take care for - stains are easily removed, no special tools are needed for this fabric.

LUX class cotton towels are extremely high quality and enviable durable. They stand out with slightly shorter loops, leaving no risk for them to fall apart and lose their original appearance.

Choose from several sizes to suit you or combine several different ones to complete a set of towels to suit your individual needs.

This product is made of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified fabric. This certification ensures that no harmful substances are used in the processing of the fibres and that the bedding is safe, non-allergenic and suitable for children.



  • To prevent the product from losing its quality after washing, we recommend washing up to 600 rpm and maintaining a temperature of 40 degrees. It is advisable to wash the product before use!
  • Please be aware that colors in reality may differ slightly from colors in photos.
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Color: 530H-T0026-OPTIC WHITE

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Color: 530H-T0026-OPTIC WHITE

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Color: 530H-T0026-OPTIC WHITE

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