Dish mat

Dish mat

4.8 (612 reviews)
Composition: 100% polyester
Weight g/m2: 95 g/pcs
Country of origin: China
!Attention!: Product colours might differ slightly in pictures and reality.
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2,99 €

Price may vary by colour or size

2,99 €

Price may vary by colour or size

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Dish mat

Kitchen mat - excellent interior detail and practical help while washing dishes. Simply lay the mat and put washed dishes and cutlery on it. This mat instantly absorbs moisture and protects kitchen furniture from harmful effects of water, dishwashing detergent, and limescale. It’s comfortable to use when you’re hand-washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher.

Simply by putting the dishes on this mat, you protect them from the risk of breaking. It evenly presses to various surfaces, doesn’t slip, is soft and elastic, which helps to avoid different mechanical damages to dishes and cutlery.

Kitchen mat dries quickly, so it’s always ready to help you out! You can also hand wash it, or put it in the washing machine - this mat is durable and long-lasting.


  • To prevent the fabric from losing its quality after washing, we recommend washing up to 600 rpm and maintaining a temperature of 40 degrees. It is advisable to wash the product before use!
  • Please be aware that colors in reality may differ slightly from colors in photos.
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Color: 95-BEIGE

Labai patiko.Gerai sugeria drėgmę,greitai džiūsta.Pabandymui ėmiau,dabar imčiau 2.


Atradimas! Buvo smalsu išbandyti. Pirkau du, tai jie dabar įdarbinti pas mane :)

Color: 95-GREY METALLIC 56

Išplovus kilimėlis pasidarė 3 sluoksnių.

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Esame pardavę didelį kiekį indų kilimėlių , bet būtent tokio skundo neturėjome.

Indų kilimėlius reikia skabtiti 30°C temperatūroje bei džiovinti džiovyklėje žemoje temperatūroje, gal Jūs išskalbėte ne pagal rekomendacijas?

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